Rose McGowan phtographed by Kate Garner, 1998

Phoebe Halliwell (Season 2)


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  • Charmed 5x01 A witch tail (1)

What is going on with everybody? We’re talking about the Sea Hag. The mysterious monster of the deep blue sea. The one whose name strikes fear into the hearts of sailors everywhere.”


  • Charmed 4x04 Enter the demon

Paige, don’t be making me the wicked witch of the northwest. I didn’t ask for this big sister gig and frankly it’s sucks. But since I’m on a roll, you should get rid of that lollipop habit because it’s going to rot your teeth.”

color-coded prue ⇒ gold


  • Charmed 4x05 Size matters

Damn it! If the real world doesn’t start showing me some respect, I’m going to stop saving it every week!”

color-coded prue ⇒ black